Brazil Approves U.S. Hemp Product for importation.

This story provided by Provides an excellent case study on how Brazils individual import market functions and how products from a country without a formal UN cannabis office can be sold internationally.

The National Health Surveillance Agency or ANVISA is the Brazilian agency that is responsible for the approval and supervision of food, cosmetics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, health services and medical devices.  They do not currently allow for domestic production of cannabis, only importation for individual patients.

In order to access foreign grown medication, patients with a government recognized condition may take their doctors prescription and apply with ANVISA for importation permissions. Currently ANVISA provides guidelines and  rules for manufacturing, import, sale, packaging, marketing, and regulation of the new class of cannabis-based goods.

Eswatini Cannabis Legalisation Update

ESwatini Cannabis Legalization update 06/08/2020

The withdrawl of the controversial amendment of the Opium and Habit Forming Drugs Act of 1922 (Bill No. 06 of 2020).

Commonly referred to as the bill to legalize cannabis in Eswatini, the Amendment was withdrawn after multiple voices of concern were voiced in Parliament, followed by a 6 month period for review and changes to be made.

Some concerns around the legislation was that it was not inclusive enough to the traditional growers and industry worker that exhist in the current illicit market.

Surrounding the bill withdrawl with controversy has been allegations of corruption and bribery.

S.Can continues to advocate at the legislative level for an all inclusive medical cannabis scheme that includes doctors and traditional healers, as well as a rural growers designation for commercially interested tradition growers.