Fiber hemp products historically have included textile, cordage and paper. China is the main producer of fine hemp textile fiber, which is often mixed with other natural fibers in the manufacture of fine linens. Several European Union countries, Eastern Europe, Russia and South Korea also are significant producers of hemp.

A new consumer preference worldwide increasingly favoring natural products and production systems that are environmentally friendly, the market for textiles, fabrics and clothing that include fiber hemp has increased significantly.

Fiber hemp is also used in horticultural planting materials, biodegradable mulch, pressed and molded fiber products, including those used in the automobile industry, paper and pulp products (such as hygiene products, banknotes, filters, art papers, tea bags) building-construction products (such as fiberboards and fiber-reinforced cement boards) insulation materials, animal bedding (made from the woody core of the plant called hurds) plastic biocomposites; and compressed cellulose plastics.