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For centuries the medical application of cannabis has be documented in different cultures and communities throughout the world. The first cannabis prescription is dated at 1550 BC in the worlds first medical text book discovered in Egypt, with evidence of medical use in other ancient civilizations being well know such as China, India, Middle east, and even Europe. Cannabis was a significant ingredient in multiple western medications up until the 1930s.

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There has been multiple attempts to outlaw cannabis in different places across the world during human history, but the origins of the worlds current criminalization of cannabis started in the 1900s when cannabis (known at the time as Indian hemp) was first banned on a regional scale in the District of Columbia and British Colonies (such Jamacia and South Africa) which led to its inclusion in the International Opium Convention in order to prevent the sale and trade to nations that had banned it.

This eventually led to America enacting the first federal laws against hemp in the United States. While it is heavily debated on the reasons why, it is generally accepted that the “Marihuana Tax Act” was a xenophobic reactionary action against hispanic immigrants and their association with cannabis because the lumber and nylon industry feared the competition that hemp represented as a replacement crop.

Sensationalist stories published in papers owned by William Randolph Hearst linked violent acts to cannabis consumption and people of color, which became known as “yellow journalism” targeting migrants and racial fears.

DuPont had invented cellophane, made with petroleum, which was about to become standard packaging for most American goods. DuPont feared competition from hemp as a fiber (the first plastics used plant oils), and competition to synthetic nylon and rayon, other cellulose based products. William Randolph Hearst, who owned most of the newspapers of the time, also owned paper mills and viewed hemp paper, which requires 75 percent less sulfides than making paper out of wood pulp and can be grown annually, as competition. The Rockefeller family, of Standard Oil, viewed hemp-sourced ethanol as competition— Henry Ford’s first Model T was made with a hemp acrylic skin, hemp upholstery and ran on hemp ethanol.

This lead to Harry Anslinger – the godfather of narcotics criminalization and creator of the pre-curser to the Drug Enforcement Agenecy (DEA) using the unsubstantiated newspaper stories and misinformation around fear of immigrants to get congress to pass the “Marihuana Tax Act” that essential raised the taxes to the point of being unfeasible to grow or trade, protecting the petroleum and lumber industry.

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